Ancient Romanian customs revived

An ancient Romanian custom is the ‘women sitting’ or ‘sezatoare’ where women, especially in rural areas, would meet to knit and crochet together and discuss family issues or plan together family endeavours.

This tradition is lost in urban areas and we wish to revive it as means to bring women together in a safe and creative environment. We wish to organize regular sittings in Bucharest and other cities in Romania and teach women how to knit and crochet for their loved ones, while discussing lifestyle or personal development topics. The money raised through these events will be donated to support the functioning of the production workshops.

Why Project Oi?

After working in anti-trafficking prevention, advocacy and community development, the initiators of Project Oi have noticed a
lack of opportunities for women who, because of different vulnerabilities or family situations, cannot find work in a traditional work environment. Also, as a result of trauma, a need for safe communities in which women could come together in a healing, supportive environment was identified.


The project has the potential to materialize in a consistent form of income, with the purpose of addressing the vulnerabilities that initially exposed the women to violence and exploitation.

Tradition vs Modern design

The social enterprise consists of several production workshops set up across Romania, where vulnerable persons will be hired to create interior design objects and garments by using traditional Romanian knitting and crocheting techniques. The products will be sold through a network of traditional and online vendors, ensuring the women workers will be remunerated with a fixed income, as well as through a bonification program based on sales.

In order to ensure a solid vendor network, the project will develop partnerships with Romanian and foreign interior designers, consecrated design and gift fairs, social boutiques, and online shops in Romania and abroad.

Events will be organized in Bucharest and other major cities to raise awareness on the situation of human trafficking survivors and also to address the role of knitting and crocheting in building support communities for women.